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o1xhackMaker@o1xhack · cs Student, iOS Developer
Hi, I'm the maker/developer of this APP. I'm current a Computer Science student in Boston. I'm learning Swift and iOS develop all by myself. This caffeine tracker APP is a long-time need for me. I found out most APP in iOS is whether abandoned by the developer or updated a long time ago. Coffee It is still a fresh new APP, it doesn't have perfect functions for all situation, but for normal using, it will be good. I release it cause I think the basic function and need are enough for people using. And I also want to get more advice for the group of people who has the caffeine intake need. Since I have to spend most of my time on university study, I cannot promise to push an update in time or make a promise. But I'm the one has this need and I will at least make the APP's basic function up-to-dated. For next step: * I would prefer to add Favorite function to let people add frequenting using. * I will study the stats analysis and try to do something on the caffeine history I'm drinking coffee every day, and I like to analysis my life in data.(Like using Waterminder, Fitbit, Gyroscope)