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Chris Messina
Chris MessinaHunter@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
It's pricey ($4) but beautiful. I think you can't evaluate this purely from a functional perspective — you've got to be interested in the editorial and photographic content as validating the price of admission, especially since some cities cost more.
Elyes Ben Mrad
Elyes Ben Mrad@elyesbenmrad
We developed a free version of our app that does exactly the same and even more. You will be able to pay with the app in the coming weeks : check it here :
Ryan J A Murphy
Ryan J A Murphy@ryanjamurphy · Student?
Ay. This is a wonderful idea, but the cost of the app itself + the cost of adding additional cities via in-app purchase inhibits me trying it out. Add some Canadian venues and we'll see!
Adam Bunnell
Adam Bunnell@adam_bunnell
@ryanjamurphy If you love finding new coffee and are in a new city this thing is perfect. I gladly pay extra for the opportunity to not have a bad cup of coffee
Adam Bunnell
Adam Bunnell@adam_bunnell
This is the best. I'm in LA absolutely love that it updates and gives a feed of photos. It's so clean. If I'm dropping major cash to get a cup of coffee I'd rather better my chances of it being great.