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Add a way to filter by free parking and I'm sold.
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@goeric Nice point Eric. I'll add this to our list to chat about.
@goeric I second this! My biggest issue with finding the right coffee shop is no parking or having to pay for meters.
Workfrom by @darrenbuckner is another slick site for finding coffee shops to work from.
My number 1 search when I'm in a new city is good coffee shops to work from with solid Wi-Fi and plugs. I know there's a few sites that exist that help with this but my problem was making it easy to see while I was on the go. Oftentimes, I would just have my phone and needed to find the closest place around me. So what we did with this project is connect each city to a Foursquare list that can be saved on your phone and seen when you open Foursquare's app. We created collections for 10 of the biggest cities in North America and London in the UK. 100 coffee shops total with Wi-Fi passwords and plug locations. If you don't have Foursquare, we added a Google Map that uses your location data to spot what's closest to you. Our goal was to find enough coffee shops so you could move from coffee shop to coffee shop on foot. Hope this helps if you're traveling and looking to get some work done :) More on backstory for why we built this here: http://backstage.pickcrew.com/co... Feel free to recommend a coffee shop here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/...
@mikaelcho I was thinking about creating something similar. What's are the other services that exist?
@mikaelcho @artofwarbiz Similar to Instabridge.com. 200k networks and counting.
@mikaelcho The lists are no longer working!?
Nice work! I'd love to have your recommendations added to Workfrom as well. You're clearly part of the family :) https://workfrom.co/add and darren@workfrom.co if I can be helpful!
Thanks @darrenbuckner! Ya, Workfrom looks great man. Saw you're from Portland. Would love to grab coffee if I make it there. I guess we'll know where to go :)
@mikaelcho 100%. I'd love to grab coffee as well.