Coed Supply

Subscription care packages for college students.

"Care package as a service" :)
@rrhoover I have posted a few of these lately... HelloFlo (subscription tampons/pads/chocolate at that time of the month), Romeo Delivers (subscription DIY sets to make and give as gifts from a man to his wife/girlfriend)...The idea absolutely fascinates me!
Love this. I would love to know their user acquisition strategy.
@UXAndrew I'm kind of fascinated too with the subscription model, do you have any list of other subscription services that worth looking at?
There are a *lot* for children... For men I think Dollar Shave Club is the most famous, and I think Hello Flo has a lot of potential by following the same mold. Ron Popeil's uncle or cousin (can't remember) made a fortune off of this pocket fishing one would use it, but they gave it as gifts... I feel the same way about subscription services. They're for giving, not for receiving. The Dollar Shave Club jumped that hurdle, but I think Hello Flo, Romeo Delies, and Coed Supply, were smart to market themselves as something you GIVE and not something you buy for yourself....not to write a full blog here...but this is a really overlooked aspect ofa lot of digital products too....why don't some digital products say "Give this app to your friend as a gift!" and sell it for 5 bucks or 10 bucks? You wouldn't buy some stylized calendar+weather app for yourself because you have the one you like, but for someone else as a gift....????