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Being a yoga lover and not always having time to attend class, this as a great alternative.
Co-founder of Cody here. Very excited to be on Product Hunt! Happy to answer any questions -- and appreciate any and all feedback. Our goal is to create a video experience so strong it becomes a substitute to in-person classes. We're doing that by filming high-quality videos (yes we do all the production in-house!) and pairing them with social features that allow you to connect with other members and even the coaches in the videos. Hope you like what you find.
@pejmanjohn I love CodyApp and have really benefitted from the Journey to Handstand series. I can now hold a forearm stand for 5 seconds and can do handstands against the wall:) This is a milestone for me considering I've spent 4 years trying to get some kind of handstand game and failed repeatedly. Full marks for an attractive and intuitive UI, and high quality production values. Navigating to other parts of the course when you are on a chapter page is a little unwieldy at the moment. It would be great to be able to be able to access all chapters of the program in some kind of side navigation menu similar to video instructional platforms like Udemy. In order to flip between chapters I have to hit the back button and go back to the program master page in order to access a different Chapter at the moment. Aside from that, top marks! Thank you!
@tominagirl Hi Sushi - thanks for reaching out and congrats on the progress with your handstands -- that's a tricky movement :) Also, appreciate the comments on our UI and production -- we keep a high quality bar so its nice to hear its being noticed! As for your feedback on navigating between workouts this is high on our list to solve better. You're absolutely right that we make it too hard. Just to give you some rationale why that wasn't prioritized earlier was that we originally envisioned people really only do a video per day and optimized for that. That said we've heard from many people like you that have the desire to flip between multiple videos more frequently. Can I ask if you use or website or app? thanks again for the feedback.
Big fan of Codey app! Bought my first class with Patrick Beach yesterday. Already seeing an improvement in my inversions.
Oh great - can't wait to see the new navigation in a future update. Bookmarking features would also be very cool a la Kindle. To answer your question I use the website on iPad when I'm at my gym. I also have the app on my phone, but I prefer the iPad so I can prop it up in front of my mat and still have a large enough screen to see what's going on. I also stream via Chromecast onto my TV from my laptop when I'm at home. Is Instagram you best performing acquisition channel? Have you ever tried sponsored posts?
@tominagirl Awesome! Hope to improve your iPad experience more in the future :) Instagram is definitely huge for us. Both because the coaches we work with have big followings, and people love sharing their milestones!