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Every day, tens of thousands of Codecademy students take notes or make flash cards as they learn to code, and we thought we’d help out – with a dash of added technology. We've built a free, simple Chrome extension project that anyone can use to keep learning in every new tab of their browsers. Our finished version is available to install in seconds from the Chrome Web Store, but we’ve built this not simply for students to download, but to customize to suit their own needs. The version we’ve published has just enough to get students started, but the real magic happens when learners add in all their own custom content. Using our step-by-step guide published on Medium (https://medium.com/@codecademy/j...) and some basic JavaScript skills gleaned from our free Learn JavaScript course (https://www.codecademy.com/learn...), students can build this project themselves in under an hour. From there, they can take this extension and easily add their own tips, tricks, and flash cards, add features – anything they want. Through installing the Web Store version but also by taking the step to make the project their own, students can take their learning to the next level.