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Hello ProductHunt, This is my first side project, It is a simple app, when you open new tab, you'll see tips from different topic. Right now I have four topics 1. GIT 2. CSS 3. Javascript 4. Bash planning to add more topic in future. Content is pulled from different sources like Stackoverflow(most voted questions), github. If you have any questions please ask them in the comments. I'll try to answer them. Sasikanth.
It looks and sounds interesting! I'm sure these tips will help many people. I don't have much coding knowledge, so I was thinking about using one of the latest projects that focus on new directions in web design like But having found these tips, I've decided to improve my skills first. Thanks for sharing!
Can we add other language or framework?
@sagar_prajapati which language you want me to add? Ill try to add it when i get some free time. Android is on my roadmap.
@sagar_prajapati @sasi513 You should add python first. That's the biggest language that's missing from the list.
@sagar_prajapati @reyesal_ Hey I've added python and android today