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Thanks for hunting Coding Internships! Coding Internships is a job directory site that specifically hosts tech and programming related internships. There were two main reasons for building the site: 1. Become more acquainted with internships and jobs that I wanted to apply for in the future 2. Provide a directory of quality internships that people can apply for Currently the site accepts internship postings as well, so if you have an internship opening feel free to post it. Any feedback is greatly appreciated as well πŸ˜„
This is great! I had 3 internships over the course of university studies and it's the best thing to do with your summer.
@_vojto Which companies did you intern with?
Very nicely done. Would be great to have a way to flag _paid_ internships. Unpaid internships select for relatively privileged folks who don't have to worry about making the rent.
Wish there was something like this for creatives / graphic artists.
I need to start thinking about a summer internship, your site may prove useful!!
@matthew_spear Hope it does!