A platform to write and share Markdown

CodiMD is the community fork of HackMD. Collaborative real-time editing of Markdown, plus:
* Sublime, emacs, and vim editor modes, with night mode option
* Slide mode with RevealJS
* Host it yourself with one-click deploy to Heroku or Cloudron.
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This is absolutely brill. Ive been trying to make our company markdown-only, and between notion app and this, I think it's going to happen. Really great app.
@jwelch I just was asking Notion 2.0 if they have any plans to open source. No problem paying for their service, but my personal & business info is too valuable to lock up. How do you see using CodiMD and Notion together?
We host our own install of CodiMD on Heroku. Easy, simple setup, locked down for our internal usage, we use it for everything from meeting notes to product planning to slide decks. We're almost 100% Markdown internally, so having a great tool to be able to edit Markdown in any browser (works great on phones),collaboratively, is awesome. This "version" is a community AGPLv3 fork of HackMD, which decided to go open core.