A new productivity tool built around your code

CoDiff has live access to all your teammates local changes, greatly improving communication: it notifies you of conflicts with teammates as they occur.
Even as an individual, it can still notify you as soon as your changes conflict with upstream commits.
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Ricardo AlaminoFront-end Developer
This must be turn into a VSCode plugin, otherwise, someone will do that before...
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@ricalamino yes - coming soon!!
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The foundation of CoDiff is a live-view of your teammates’ local Git repositories. This brings communication benefits that other productivity tools fundamentally cannot provide. Wherever you are working, you can essentially pull up a chair next to your coworker to see and discuss what they are working on. This live code view leads to a many other productivity benefits. Existing tools will let you know your teammates' task, but not the exact lines of code they are modifying. CoDiff on the other hand, can notify you in real-time when you conflict with one of your teammates. This greatly reduces the time spent in resolving merge conflicts, prevents duplicated work, and unobtrusively improves productivity. Even as an individual, CoDiff can boost your productivity by notifying you as soon as your local changes conflict with upstream commits. Conversely, if you do not see a conflict marker on your files within CoDiff, you can rest assured that you will be able to push or pull without any merge conflicts – guaranteed. In the future, CoDiff will integrate with your favorite editors and other productivity tools for even greater benefits. A few examples: get conflict notifications in your IDE, set statuses according to Trello task, and share links to live code snippets on Slack. We're still working hard on the product. In the meantime, we're looking for early adopters and would love if you could give our beta product a try and submit feedback right here, within CoDiff itself, or by emailing us at