Codex Scanner by Baron Fig

Hashtag, back up, and share your notes and photos.

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Hey everyone, co-founder Adam here. Joey and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the best way for us to create the app our users were asking for. Eventually we concluded building it in-house was the best way. With full control we can react to feedback and make updates much more rapidly. Just under 1 year ago we decided to send me to a coding bootcamp here in NYC (TurnToTech) to learn iOS. I did 4.5 months of bootcamp while still helping the team run Baron Fig's full analog business! I finished in June 2016 and have been making and improving the app for the last 6 months. Hope everyone enjoys Codex. We're going to be improving it constantly over time. I appreciate everyone and all the support in the past on Product Hunt!
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Hey Product Hunters, good to be back. Codex is our new app designed based on feedback from our analog notebook customers. As more notebooks are filled up, the struggle becomes one of finding where that particular note or sketch is. Codex isn't just a scanner, it's your notebook (and, if you like, your photo/document) library. Everything is organized by hashtag, which is particularly useful for notebooks because of the myriad of content we have on any one page. Rather than have to decide which folder a page goes in you can add as many tags as you like. Example: A webpage wireframe and logo idea sketch on the same page—simply tag the page as #wireframe and #logo rather than select a single folder. This version has been in-use here at Baron Fig for a while now, we're excited to push it live. It's already made my notebook shelf much more accessible (it's all in my pocket now), and the features we have planned are exciting. We chose to go with a subscription because we're a small team providing constant updates and customer service. We don't plan to set it and forget it. As always, feel free to send feedback. We'd love to hear the *good* and the bad, this way we not only know what to improve, but what we're doing right. Hope you all enjoy.
@joeycofone It's a really neat idea. With the hashtag organization things get exciting, it's a feature I loved in @BearNotes and though it worked great!
Looks very nice. I would have appreciated pricing information upfront on the product page. I am not sure I am open to adding yet another subscription.
@andreasduess Andreas, thanks for the feedback. Definitely something we're going to improve upon. 👍
Awesome work guys! And very impressive Adam :)
@r44d Thanks Raad! LawTrades has been good help on way!
Love this one! I need to update my post and include Baron Fig on this list: ... oh wait, I did write about their notebooks a while back as well: As much as I love digital... I do love physical notebooks...
@8bit John, thanks for the props! Love your post—glad you dig the name Confidant.