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I also have been getting emails from CodeUpStart, without ever signing up. It's not a great way to build trust in your product.
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Hi first off, thanks @bentossell for posting this. Brandon and I are excited about our mission to add to more practical project-based learning for anyone to create real products and learn to code. Based on some of the comments here, I feel the need to set the record straight so we can carry on our work and focus on that as foremost priority. I personally incorporated Code4Startup, was an equal co-founder, raised funds from 500, rebranded, redesigned and helped engineered the site, turned on a subscription service for the company, doubled revenue, elicited project creators and the list goes on. I will leave it as because of a breach of trust and misalignment of vision, the partnership ended. I ethically carried over only my work and what I was entitled to as a legal co-owner of the company, only projects and designs that Brandon (my first hire at my previous startup Rocketrip) and I worked on over to the same company with an amended name. I should have been clearer and more upfront on the above facts with those who received the early communications at the beginning of the outreach when the company's legal name was amended and for that perception of mistrust created, I sincerely apologize. Believe it or not, Brandon and I are in this for the mission to really scale this model of learning to code and we want to play our parts in providing practical project-based learning for anyone to create real products and learn how to code (we've been through the hard path ourselves as startup engineers and computer science majors!). We are transparent in that we hope our projects can benefit more people out there and it is our belief that more online schools that focus on creating real products like Udacity, Thinkster, Udemy, Watchandcode and so on should exist.
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Also interesting that I've been getting emails from CodeUpStart without ever signing up. I was, however, signed up for Code4Startup...
@bhavesh The creator of this one was working with the guy that made Code4Startup, but they separated after some sort of disagreement on how to conduct the business.
@cynexyl that's fine. That was not the issue for me. The issue is that I'm getting newsletters from CodeUpStart when I didn't sign up for it. There are two things that could've happened. 1) @gillantee took the emails from Code4Startup or 2) @leotrieu either gave/sold the emails to CodeUpStart, after saying he wasn't going to do that via his email.
@bhavesh I had the same thing. got emails I never signed up for. I wasn't able to access anything even after trying to register to check it out a few weeks back.
@bhavesh Would love to get an answer to this.
Hmm, wasn't this basically copied from after there was a falling out with @leotrieu??
@bhavesh Got the same feeling + maker is listed a "Founder, Code4Startup"...
@jpvalery HA! That's hilarious.
Another day, another "Learn to Code" product -- how does one choose?