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Looks interesting if it's able to solve the problems states. Also, h/t to @robwalling
GitHub may eventually build something to manage issues more effectively on top of GitHub, but even still, there's definitely a market here and work to be done. One of my personal challenges is managing/viewing multiple repos and the people assigned to work / priorities across those repos.
@byosko easing the pain of managing issues across repositories is definitely a top priority!
Founder of Codetree here. Thanks @McCroden & @byosko!
@derrickreimer How does a cool startup who uses GH Issues for PM get into the beta to check it out?
@adamslieb Hi Adam! Not ready for beta testing quite yet, but drop me an email at hello@codetree.com. I would love to hear about your use case.
Big opportunity here. Always hear GitHub is going to do stuff with issues but never does.
Interesting. Though for me, GitHub issues are pretty well done, I couldn't imagine what more I'd want except I guess easier prioritization (I just use custom tags prio:high, prio:med, prio:low) and simple linux command line access to manage issues (this I'd pay for). Git/GitHub totally rock.