Codetree (pre-launch)

Improved Github issues

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Stuart McCroden
Stuart McCrodenHunter@mccroden · (undefined)
Looks interesting if it's able to solve the problems states. Also, h/t to @robwalling
Ben Yoskovitz
Ben Yoskovitz@byosko · Entrepreneur, investor & author
GitHub may eventually build something to manage issues more effectively on top of GitHub, but even still, there's definitely a market here and work to be done. One of my personal challenges is managing/viewing multiple repos and the people assigned to work / priorities across those repos.
Derrick Reimer
Derrick ReimerMaker@derrickreimer · Founder of Level
@byosko easing the pain of managing issues across repositories is definitely a top priority!
Derrick Reimer
Derrick ReimerMaker@derrickreimer · Founder of Level
Founder of Codetree here. Thanks @McCroden & @byosko!
Adam Lieb
Adam Lieb@adamslieb · Founder/CEO @ Innervate
@derrickreimer How does a cool startup who uses GH Issues for PM get into the beta to check it out?
Derrick Reimer
Derrick ReimerMaker@derrickreimer · Founder of Level
@adamslieb Hi Adam! Not ready for beta testing quite yet, but drop me an email at I would love to hear about your use case.
JP Patil
JP Patil@jpatil · Product @ Grand Rounds
Big opportunity here. Always hear GitHub is going to do stuff with issues but never does.
Interesting. Though for me, GitHub issues are pretty well done, I couldn't imagine what more I'd want except I guess easier prioritization (I just use custom tags prio:high, prio:med, prio:low) and simple linux command line access to manage issues (this I'd pay for). Git/GitHub totally rock.