Gain control over your GitHub issues.

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Like the service but you are asking for full repository access which can be deterrent for signups.
@alokic That's an (unfortunate) result of GitHub's permissions model. In order to gain access to issue data, GitHub requires full repo access. However, Codetree does not access any source code and all credentials are encrypted on our servers.
Sorry about the intermittent errors, servers took a beating today. Partially thanks to the "Product Hunt" effect. Shall I say we got "product hunted"? :) Things should be pretty smooth sailing now.
this was posted to PH 6 months ago: when it was in pre-launch stage. They're launching publicly today and it looks pretty cool.
@_jacksmith Thanks for posting, Jack!
@_jacksmith Minor detail here -- would you mind updating the post name to "Codetree" instead of "Code Tree"? Thanks! Or would someone at PH need to do it? @lukasfittl
@derrickreimer Yeah, I noticed that too - we currently have a bug that keeps me from doing this, should be resolved today/tomorrow, then I'll fix it. cc @ayrtonbe
@ayrtonbe @lukasfittl cool, appreciate it :)
Love it! Although it looks like the launch has not happened just yet - still asks me for an invite code. cc @derrickreimer
@lukasfittl Thanks Lukas, doors open around 9am PST. Will post a note here as well once it is open.
It first gains access to all repositories (including private ones) and then asks for an invite code.
@KrauseFx Hi Felix, the invite code gate will be coming down around 9am PST. That permissions level is required by GitHub for issue access (unfortunately).
@derrickreimer Thanks, I just got my invite. Just a note: Why not using a similar pricing like ZenHub: I'm using GitHub only for my open source projects (currently 7), which are all free to use. There is no company behind it.
@KrauseFx Thanks for the question - I haven't ruled out an open source plan, but for now focused on reaching profitability first. Gotta keep the lights on :)
@derrickreimer @krausefx It will great to have a plan for open source projects. Other services like Codetree have a free plan for open source, so I think you need to consider it. ;)