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Hello ProductHunter Community, We are delighted for posting our CodeTracer on ProductHunt. CodeTracer is a new peer-to-peer review platform. Through CoderTracer you can work with your friends to enhance code and review it together. We aim to change the mindset of developers and create a community capable of developing high code quality. CodeTracer will make reviewing not only a process of fixing bugs and getting better code quality but also learning by reading and reviewing others’ code. Code Review is really important in enhancing code quality. Read more about CodeTracer Here: - - - - Collaborate with Developers Community Collaborate with other developers to provide a higher quality code that matches standarnds and implements the required architecture, structure, etc .. Get Line-Per-Line Review Share your code on CodeTracer Platform and get help from the community reviewers. Refactor code for friends You can do code refactor for your friends and show them how the right code should be written instead of writing many comments. Learn how developers build good Code blocks. Watch what developers write in open source code and learn from them.
Currently, We are working on our next feature that will be ready by 01/05/2017. Our next feature is Code Refactor. It will enable developers to refactor code online on the same page and all users can check the different refactors on each file. CodeTracer enables you to upload multiple files instead of code snippets, making the task easier for developers. Waiting for your feedback :D #codetracerco
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