Request a review on any code, regardless of the state of your repo, even on WIP. Ditch the friction of save, branch, commit, push, create PR, email, pull, and so on. Review code with full source-tree context, including jump-to-def, your keybindings, and more.
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Hi Everyone! πŸ‘‹ In 2020 we set out to reimagine how code reviews work because so many developers told us they are unhappy with their existing solution. They told us: 😑 Code reviews happen too late in the process when reworking code is frustrating. 😑 Code reviews happen mostly on a website, like, causing too many context switches. 😑 Code reviews in web sites don't provide the environment and tools needed to work optimally. CodeStream Code Reviews change all that. It's now two clicks to request feedback on a Work-In-Progress, and by getting feedback early, you can course-correct leading to higher code quality. And it integrates seamlessly with your PR workflow, whether that's GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket. πŸ’― Never leave your IDE to request or perform a code review. No more context switching from web to email to IDE back to web. Discussions during a code review stay attached to the code they refer to (even post-merge!) and are easily accessible to all teammates as a form of documentation. πŸš€ CodeStream is backed by Y Combinator and the awesome guys at Brightstone, PJC, S28 as well as Eric Yuan (CEO of Zoom), Quinn Slack (CEO of Sourcegraph) and Steve Sordello (CFO of LinkedIn). We're grateful for all of our customers including Okta, Hearst Communications, SalesForce, Deloitte and BNY Mellon. πŸ™ If you’d like to see some live demos of the features, ask us any questions, or just say hi, we’ll be hosting an informal β€œMeet the Team” sessions today (6/24/20). Be sure to stop by for a few minutes. πŸ™Œ Meet the Team 3:00pm-3:30pm EST - So what do you love or hate about your code review process? Do you think an in-editor experience will speed things up? Please leave a note in the comments below. Cheers, 🍻 Peter P.S. We’re randomly giving away 25 succulents to developers that sign-up today and create a code review. Details here.
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@peter_pezaris Succulents? Sign me up!! :)
CodeStream is one of the most facinating tools I have seen lately. There is so much that can be improved to make code reviews a much more beneficial activity for engineering teams, and CodeStream is the first tool that I have seen that actively takes on this challenge. I love the new features and the direction CodeStream goes in, and I hope more and more teams will adopt this awesome tool. Well done CodeStream!
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@mgreiler thank you! That means a lot coming from someone who is such an expert in the space! πŸ™
@mgreiler Thanks for your comment, Michaela! And for your help!
So excited by the latest changes -- this will revolutionize code reviews! As the code editor/IDE/Just-in-time IDE is at the heart of a developers workflow, having the ability to review code (as well as commenting, suggesting changes, etc) within that environment in context takes things to a whole new level. And then by making it so simple and seamless to ask for a review (read: help) extremely early in the cycle (pre-push, even pre-commit) completely transforms team collaboration and improves outcomes. The only friction left in code reviews will be with your teammates not the tools! πŸ˜‚ Also very psyched that CodeStream is now open-source -- a testament to the openness and values of an awesome team creating an awesome product for all developers.
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@eamodio thank you Eric! means a lot coming from the author of gitlens :)
@eamodio Thank you Eric! Your contributions to CodeStream also got us here.
This is amazing! It's basically the Figma of code reviews β€” but rather than requiring devs to adopt a new tool, it integrates directly with the IDE they're already familiar with. πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»
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Ohmygod yes. This. Thank you. I can actually keep my sanity while working on my laptop without an external display because I no longer have to juggle *4 freakin' windows* (IntelliJ + Slack + GitHub + Jira) just for a small bug fix. The in-IDE chat was a game-changer in itself, but the new workflow tools are 🀯 Btw - any plans for adding integration w/ Airtable as an issue tracker?
@schukin unfortunately no support for Airtable yet, and we don't get too many requests for it. now that the framework is in place, adding support for a new tracker isn't that hard. and since codestream is open source, if you're interested in submitting a PR we'd be happy to help guide you (via codestream, naturally) on how to do it.