Simple and reliable Continuous Delivery

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Hey, this is Mo (CEO of Codeship), Codeship is a simple and reliable Continuous Delivery Service. It integrates with basically anything you already use (GitHub, Bitbucket, Slack, Hipchat, Heroku, AWS, …) and tests and deploys your apps after a simple push. The good people at Product Hunt, among others, are using Codeship to speed up their development process. Give it a try and get a 50% discount on any plan for 3 months with the code PRODUCTHUNTERS
Codeship changed the way my team works. We use it on Rails apps, static sites, complex deploys, and it's always been fantastic. If all that wasn't enough, their entire team is so friendly and helpful, and helps to take a complex environment (deployments, servers, etc) and simplify it to become a fun experience.
We just moved to rails and setup Codeship. As the PM/QA, my live just got significantly easier. Thanks for such an awesome product @moritzplassnig