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Hi I'm Mo, CEO of Codeship, Codeship is a free hosted Continuous Delivery Service. We focus on simplicity and usability. You can set up Continuous Integration in a matter of seconds and automatically deploy when all your tests have passed. Setup usually only takes 1 minute. Get started with a nice 50% discount on any plan for 3 months. Just use this code: PRODUCTHUNTERS
@moritzplassnig We use codeship at @producthunt. Became the backbone of our integration process. Kudos for making such an awesome product.
@moritzplassnig We use Codeship for @Notion. Really helpful product and one we very much believe in!
@moritzplassnig We're loving Codeship @Promoter_io! Thanks for building a great product and team!
@moritzplassnig we use codeship @startupthreads. Great product!
I've been a Codeship customer since back when they were called Railsonfire and were just some scrappy dudes from Vienna - Codeship has made my life considerably easier when it comes to building applications in a test driven way. They take away a barrier and let me ship fast.