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#3 Product of the DayJanuary 29, 2014
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Lee MunroeMaker@leemunroe · Designer. Developer. Maker.
Handy if working with other devs and you need to share or debug code. Anyone you share the URL with can see changes real time.
derwiki@derwiki · Founder, CameraLends
@leemunroe have you seen He's had decent traction selling to startups who do a lot of phone screens. I could intro you, if interested.
Anton Lopyrev@tokudu · Dropbox
I can see how this can be awesome for phone interviews
Lee MunroeMaker@leemunroe · Designer. Developer. Maker.
@derwiki Would love an intro -
Sasindu Mendis@sasindumendis · Developer
@leemunroe Thanks for this awesome tool. I ve been using it for few months now and have this frequent use case that I want save my CodeShare sessions (to a GitHub Gist for an example). Would love to have it (or even contribute to implement it).
Lee MunroeMaker@leemunroe · Designer. Developer. Maker.
@sasindumendis Great info to know. I plan to add a few features soon. What would you do with it once on Gist? Feel free to email with more info about your use case.