Hover over anything and get the HTML/CSS

By clicking a small button, you can extract any div, button, heading - or frankly - whatever you want! Works on any website using any technology.
Features 🦸‍♂️
Left click to full HTML/CSS 🤯
Right click to get only CSS 🎨
View element width/height 🤖
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I'm pretty sure @gvrizzo did the same thing
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Heyy. Looks very similar to CSS Scan from @gvrizzo. Is there any difference?
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@gvrizzo @lenilsonjr_ Border radius on the buttons. This maker community cloning bullshit needs to stop. Undermining someone else’s work with a cheaper clone is not gonna get you anywhere. Next thing you know someone is gonna call this an original idea.
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@gvrizzo @lenilsonjr_ @pugson nah you're out of line. why are you bringing so much hate to someone's hard work? 1) this product gets the HTML as well as CSS (CSS Scan does not) 2) does CSS Scan have a patent on producing CSS by hovering over an element? No, so anybody else has the right to create a product that does the same thing, (and maybe even better). It's called competition. It forces companies / creators to always improve their products. If you want to live in a world with no competition I would suggest you hop in a time machine, set the destination to Soviet Russia, and then let me know how that goes for you 👍
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@gvrizzo @lenilsonjr_ @pugson @brunocrosier Thank you Bruno! IMO, this is a product built around a totally different problem and therefore provides a totally different solution. If you wanted only CSS, CSS Scan is probably better. That wasn't the problem I was trying to solve. Stylistically, there are probably a handful of ways to design a chrome extension that enables element selection. Not trying to create any conflict, just trying to bring some light!
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Hey did you post an earlier version of this site to reddit some time ago? I've seen the background animation before i'm sure!
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Hi! Your landing page looks awesome! I love the UI :) It seems that your profile and twitter link in footer are broken ;)
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