Thanks for adding us to Product Hunt! I’m Justin Velgos and Codescanza is an app I designed for scanning and storing all those loyalty cards, coupons and tickets that can't be added to Wallet (Passbook) so that they can be accessed from Notification Center or an Apple Watch. This was a side project in collaboration with a developer friend of mine, Geoff Raeder. The app is 100% written in Swift. Thanks to George for the inspiration ;)
Let me know if you have any questions!
In which countries do they use QR codes?
@datarade I have loyalty cards here in the United States that use QR codes and I know that they're also popular in China, but I'm not sure specifically which other countries use them. That said, Codescanza supports all of the same code types as Apple Wallet (QR, Code 128, PDF 417 and Aztec) as well as others like UPC / EAN-13, EAN-8. ITF 14, Code 39 and Code 93.
Codescanza 1.2 is out and now allows you to set locations and add codes to Apple Wallet so they appear on your lock screen automatically when you arrive. It’s super handy, and we hope you like it. If you already have Codescanza, it’s a free update in the app store :) Check out the video to see how it works: