CodeSandbox is an online editor that helps you create web applications, from prototype to deployment.

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This is a really great product. Github integration makes it even easier to use. What are the usage limits for the URL that is generated for each project? How good an idea is it to use this as a hosting for your web application?
@singhpratyush_ Thank you for the kind words! CodeSandbox runs the projects in 'development' mode, this means that the application is a bit slower so it's easier to debug the code. That's why I wouldn't directly give a link to a sandbox for a product if you care about speed. However, we do support deployment of an optimized version right from the editor using ZEIT Now. If you click the rocket button in the sidebar you will see a button called 'Deploy' that allows you to deploy it.

I'm Teacher Assistant @Ironhack and I let the students choose between codepen and codesanbox : almost all of them choose Codesandbox :)

In addition, you're able to play around very easily with different frameworks, this is very sweet!






Hard to find

I wanted to quickly write & test some components in React and that's how I found CodeSandbox 😺so far it's great and got no cons.
CodeSandbox is great. I'm using it right now to build easy to access, easy to fork code samples for my tutorials. The Vue CLI integration is awesome and makes you start up a Vue app in seconds.

A great tool to quickly get started using a JS framework (or no framework at all). Very useful for teaching, prototyping and issue reproductions!


Very easy to use


In the cloud

Works offline

Live collaboration


No @vue/cli integration yet :D