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Tekeste Kidanu
Tekeste KidanuHunter@iamtekeste
Here is an article about it if you want to know more.
Ives van Hoorne
Ives van HoorneMaker@ivesvh · Working on CodeSandbox!
Wow, we're on ProductHunt, thanks a lot for hunting us Tekeste! We built CodeSandbox because I wanted to have an easy way to play with React without using the terminal and installing anything locally. With CodeSandbox you can start a React project by clicking on a single button. You can share what you've made by sharing the url, or by embedding it on a website like Medium. This is really useful when you want to work together, share bugs or teach concepts about React or any library (it has NPM support). This blog post explains well what the vision of CodeSandbox is: I'll be here to answer any questions 😄.
Tekeste Kidanu
Tekeste KidanuHunter@iamtekeste
This is a really great playground for working with ReactJS. It lets you create ReactJS projects on your browser with the ability to add npm packages easily. Check it out!