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CoderStory is a platform to share every story. With exclusive interviews from creators; we aim to bring you a new way of learning. We believe everyone has a story to tell, and you can find or start yours here.

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    I'm 100% Inspired! BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS!!!!



    Coder Story is something i've been looking for! Encourage me to learn more in coding. Looking at other interviews by young teenager to ladies to awesome dudes! MAKES ME WANT TO READ AND LEARN MORE!!!! Finally this is awesome! Honest interviews and practical insights that is helpful and relevant

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    Honest interviews Practical insight



    Learning to code can feel isolating when you have struggles and no one to give you advice, Coder Story gives you insights into how people all over world started

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Hey Product Hunt 👋🏽 I’m Jess, one of the makers behind CoderStory. I’m part of a brother-sister team alongside @benwallaceuk -- CoderStory is a platform to share every story. With exclusive interviews from creators we aim to bring you a new way of learning. We believe everyone has a story to tell, and you can find or start yours here. Our exclusive line up of interviews feature @thepatwalls, @booligoosh, @stephsmith, @marie_dm_ and many more 🔥 💡 Inspiration It was motivated by the need to create more conversation in the learning to code space. For the past four years, I have been struggling to learn to code - often struggling with the key fundamentals of programming. Unfortunately we often do not have access to developers who can help us understand the basics to building an application. The idea was to focus on interviewing with developers to understand their processes, how they learn and their approach to both work and life. 🕐Born from the #24hrstartupchallenge We originally soft launched on Twitter following the creation of CoderStory as part of the 24hrstartupchallenge whereby I streamed the whole process from start to finish. Here’s some key numbers from the event: - 16hr14m live-streaming - 1382 watched me build - 6 Interviews Published - Placed #7 in the challenge Features: - Read the latest interviews from the likes of Pat Walls, Veni Kunche, Ethan and many more. - Engage with the community through our new commenting feature - The new blog addition to the site aims to bring you insights and opinions from within the industry to cultivate and expand your knowledge base - Get the latest access to the best resources and deals we can find our growing community - Want to engage even more? We’re planning on setting up a Slack channel dedicated on bringing developers and creators together to keep building the products of tomorrow. With this official launch we believe we are starting a new chapter in our story and the story of many creators and developers in the growing community. 📣 Important Mentions I just want to say a massive thank you to the following people - without you, I do not believe building CoderStory would have been possible: @spekulatius1984, @alixtw, @DigitalSparky, @thepatwalls, @arminulrich, @_feloidea, @marie_dm_, @tcodinat & all of the other fantastic people I have met along this journey.
@benno_wallace @thepatwalls @booligoosh @stephsmith @marie_dm_ @spekulatius1984 @alixtw @digitalsparky @arminulrich @_feloidea @tcodina @jesswallaceuk Such an awesome platform! Definitely is going to be helpful when it comes to learning how to build & code in general :) Looking forward to more interviews & resources!
@tcodinat - thank you so much for all your support on this journey. Looking forward to what I can bring to the coding space in the future!
@jesswallaceuk congrats on the launch!!!
@jesswallaceuk interesting idea! want to collaborate
I loved the concept behind CoderStory from the beginning ❤️ The stories show that everyone started somewhere, and help crush that barrier for people thinking coding is "just not for them". Congrats on the launch, @jesswallaceuk 👏 I’m looking forward to all the things you have planned for CoderStory!
@jesswallaceuk @_feloidea Thank you Melanie! Jess has worked so hard for this, and I'm just happy to be a part of the journey with her! We're looking forward to what we can bring to the creators community in the coming weeks, months and years!
Congrats Jess, looking forward to seeing CS grow!
@jonnyburch Thank you Jonny! Glad to have finally launched and put it out in the world - I can't wait to see what the future brings too!
Coderstory is great, excited for it's future! Congrats!
@johnny_boufarhat Thank you Johnny! We're really looking forward to what's coming up! It's definitely the beginning of something special!
Awesome! Congratulations to officially launching 🎉
@spekulatius1984 Thank you Peter! It wouldn't been possible without all your support ❤️