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Coderslang 2.0 helps you prepare for the Software Dev Interview by taking personalized quizzes with explanations.
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Ahh yes I remember flopping the interview portion pretty well. Even when the coding was not involved. This could be interesting.
Hey there! To get a job as a software engineer you need exactly 2 things: 1) Learn to code 2) Ace the interview Programming is certainly a mandatory skill. But what most beginner devs don't realize, is that #2 requires a very specific skillset. Coderslang 2.0 was built to help you strengthen your weak spots and shine on the technical interview Key features: πŸ’» Courses in JS, Java, C#, Node.js, React,js, React Native, HTML and QA πŸ“š Over 1000 interview questions with explanations πŸ“± Personalized quizzes with explanations πŸ‘ Ongoing updates with new courses and questions πŸ•ΉοΈ Game mode to make learning fun and challenge friends πŸ™‹ Question of the day with the worldwide ranking πŸ“ˆ Shareable personal growth profile πŸ“ƒ Resume review Coderslang 2.0 is completely FREE for everyone on both iOS and Android. The PREMIUM subscription is optional and gives you additional benefits, which you can check out in the app. P. S. We've also launched a Twitter account where I post, among else, our progress towards the complete software development course in JS. It takes you from the basics of console.log to getting the job as a Full Stack developer. πŸ‘‰ Don't wast an opportunity to grow! Looking forward to your feedback!
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