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#5 Product of the DayDecember 12, 2016
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Might be useful asking developers to add their email:)
it cost 1$
Currently in Beta but you can add a developer (or yourself) to the map too!
@bentossell might add myself to improve the density in Wales πŸ˜†
@bentossell Been browsing the ol' Reddit?!?
@natelegler nope? I dont actually use Reddit ha I've never been good at it
@bentossell cool, submitted my details for Cape Town, South Africa. Nice idea.
@bentossell Oh the founder of this had a post on there with some pretty good conversation going about it. Edit: Found the post
During your Beta, you should make it free for the first week to encourage people to get on the map! Another suggestion would be to allow other types of freelance, too! Designers, video/photo people, etc. etc. Love the idea. Great work!
I can imagine someone reversen engineering this. "Hang out with NOT-coders nearby."