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A profile to land your very first developer job 👔

A profile to replace your CV/Resume for junior developers seeking their first job. Includes a space for personal projects, GitHub activity, certificates, qualifications and a timeline to show your journey learning to code.

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Hello Product Hunt, excited to share our first product with you today! We’re two Art History grads who taught ourselves to code and became developers, and this is part of what we’re doing to try to help other people do the same. 🤔Problem: The problem is that if you’ve been learning to code and are looking for your very first job - a regular resume (or CV) showing your unrelated work experience + unrelated education doesn’t really help that much. What do you need? Something flashy that makes you stand out from the stack of CVs and shows why you’re a great developer. 🔨Solution: The CoderList Profile gives you space to add things that are relevant to your experiences learning to code and your goal of getting your first job as a developer. This includes: your personal projects, your Github activity, your technical skills (and what level you’re at) + any certificates, qualifications, online courses, achievements or experiences you have + more. There’s also a timeline, which shows your journey learning to code over time. You can share your profile with others using a unique link, and we let you know once they’ve checked it out, so no wondering if you’ve been lost in the pile. Let us know what you think! 🙏
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@jwoodb FIrst of all - great gif. Second of all - this is a great idea. It can be hard for junior devs to find roles, how much input have you had from hiring managers so far? What's their take on this approach?
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@abadesi Hey, thanks very much! The companies that we've spoken to about it have been generally very positive, and said that it's great to see a kind of resume + portfolio rolled into one. The profile is step 1 in our vision for how we think the process of getting your first developer job should work, for both the developer and the company. The next challenge we're working on is getting objective validation for how good you are as a potential new developer in a team, rather than self-assessment.
@jwoodb Hi James, this is an interesting idea, and I agree the issue you claim to be trying to tackle exists. However, I strongly recommend no one signs up until you address some issues regarding compliance with legislation, specifically GDPR. Reading your privacy policy there are some obvious issues. Eg charging to view the data you hold on a data subject - this is now illegal. Right to be forgotten - not mentioned anywhere. There are some other aspects I have concerns about but not being a GDPR expert I am not 100% sure if they are breaches or not.
@john_kennedy_9147 Hi there, thanks for pointing out this important issue to us. I must admit that our privacy policy is outdated - we used a standard template before GDPR came in, and sadly have not had the time to update it - definitely our bad. Keeping on top of these things when you're a very small team is no mean feat - however, we'll sort out the points you've raised right away. Thanks again for highlighting it.
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@john_kennedy_9147 Hi again, just wanted to let you know that we've now updated our privacy policy to be - we believe - GDPR compliant. We're undoubtedly in need of a more thorough review, however, and will be doing this asap. Thanks again 🙏
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I've been following the tool progress during development and I'm surely setting out time to update my profile on the platform


solves a huge problem that many aspiring devs face


the UI could be a bit more

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Great idea!!!!, such a work for newbies to find any slot out there. I'm definitely using this
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They have a range of different and interesting companies looking for new developers!


I have been following Coderlist since last year and they have been improving each day.


The UI requires some improvement but there is only has much one person can do alone.