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Hi everyone! Codeplace's objective is to make you ready for your next web development job. Our belief is that the more you practice building real web applications, the more comfortable you will feel as a developer. That's why our library mainly consists of code projects such as a Project Management Tool, 2 Sided Marketplace, Social Network, Automated Social Platform, Dating App and More. We've also just launched our new Web Development Path this week. Let me know if you have any questions :)
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@kindtiago Congratulations Tiago and team!! I really like what you guys are doing!
@kindtiago Hey Tiago, i am one of the people who have been a part of this platform since it's early days, when it was known as "Stuk.io". I have a few questions 1. It's been a couple of months since any new content has been added. Why should i continue my subscription with you. Moreover the content that was added a few months back has been deleted. That includes creating API's with grape etc. 2. The tutorials that are posted are not meant for production ready apps. Since codeplace claims to teach by building real life apps, what is the use of creating these apps if they're not production ready? Would love to hear your opinion on this.
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@istereotype Great Questions Rahooooool! First of all thank you for being one of our early Stuk.io customers :) 1) We have been experimenting a lot with our content strategy and the last year and recently decided that we are going to focus on in house content to ensure quality guidelines. Content production has already been revamped and you'll soon see an extension of our current paths. 2) Again, you are absolutely right. The old Stuk's organisational structure was based upon a library and not a path. With Codeplace, we reorganised the order of our courses into 3 different sections: 1) Getting Started where you take your first baby steps into the rails world. 2) Practice: Where you start building production ready apps so you feel comfortable with deploying and 3) Getting Better: Features tutorials that can make your production apps better. The tutorials itself are not "production ready" but they are made to fit on the real apps in the previous section.
@kindtiago So by when can we expect any kind of new content?
@istereotype You should be able to see new content in mid September. What would you be interested in seeing?

It's great that PH offers a 83% off a yearly subscription but when I'm trying to join any course I get the msg: "This course is not open for enrollment at the moment"


Looks promising


Can't join any course

yup... was interested in checking it out but could not enroll
Same here...would like to try it out but can't sign up
Same same. Can't sign up! Leavin' money on the table!
im getting the same problem. i want to enrol but cant
Hungry for this, is a lot of people seem to say that they can't unroll, what is the deal?
I tried to enroll but... "This course is not open for enrollment at the moment"
Awesome product, awesome team! Congrats!!
@tiagoqoaraujo Thank you for the comment Tiago!
Great product & team! 👏🏽🍻🖖
@pcbo Thank you Pedro!!