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๐Ÿ‘‹ Howdy Hunters! How many times are you stuck trying to solve a code problem or trying to learn something new? If you are like me it happens every day (multiple times actually...) and finding the right answer seems like it is getting harder and harder, and even with the power of Google and question and answer sites we do not reliably find what we need. XKCD knew the struggle was real in "Wisdom of the Ancients" I really do value your feedback and my goal and my teams goal is to make a tool that solves code search, we may have a ways to go but we hope to make the job of software developer more fulfilling and less frustrating. Keep Coding! Ian Kelly Founder of
@ianakelly I actually think finding the right answer is getting easier and easier with resources like StackOverflow. It's still not easy but I'd say it's getting better, not worse.
@joshuapinter You are right there are so many ways things are better for developers today. My first programs were copied from a magazine, if there was a typo I would have to wait for 1-2 months for the next magazine to fix it. One thing we have learned is you need to know the sources for your tech stack, while GitHub and Stack Overflow are generic sources often having the knowledge of a great tutorial site, sample code location, or blog makes all the difference when learning something new. We have custom sources that are community built and targeted at specific tech stacks - so if you are a Vue.js developer using Nuxt you would have a separate set of sources and you would be able to filter results to make sure they shared the dependencies with your project. Lots of the hard things have been done, our goal is to make it even easier to find and curate great solutions.
Couldn't easily tell from your website or T&Cs - what languages are supported and does any user-written code get transmitted to your (/other) servers?
@dsmudger Oh thats simple Dan - We NEVER share your code with any service, we do not index or transfer code to our servers. We pass only application usage telemetry not your code. We try and do things as direct as possible so if you look at the app you are calling the APIs directly using your tokens, when a result set returns to the desktop app we call our services - this includes things like removing duplicate results (more than 50% of all GitHub repos are duplicates or partial duplicates), we do tag expansion for results and we rank sort results using a stateless ranker in AWS Lambda, which you can turn off too!
@ianakelly Awesome, I was hoping it'd be something like that (for use at work, some places are understandably concerned about that sort of thing..), thanks for taking the time to reply!
So this is an open source alternative to and
@erickbarron86 I would say more of a different approach to the same problem set. Codota and Kite have focused on syntax using proprietary sources. So far we have focused on the first thing you do when you have a problem - You "Google It", we curate sources for Learning, Documentation, errors, and of course Code. We are adding contextual source intelligence now (lets say you are a Android developer using Litho for your UI framework and you enter your query you want to see answers and results that are specific to your needs, not just a Google search for the term.) I know that we all need more help to write awesome code and I am very happy that there are so many smart folks working in this area - I WISH THEM ALL SUCCESS!
I'm a huge fan of CodePilot. It's basically a smart, customizable search engine specifically for software engineers. It's a must-have for any developer!

The team is super-responsive to questions


Makes it easier to search for code snippets!