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Hey everyone! I'm the CEO of CodePicnic and wanted to share what we've been working on these last weeks. Our premise is simple: trying to bring access to software environments and stacks to any machine, without having to install software (at least, nothing more than our client, that is :) ). We're really excited about what people can do with it and happy to answer any doubts and questions (also, it's my birthday, so really excited about making this happen <3).
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Hi, CodePicnic's CTO here. We are really proud of our CLI and the path we followed from our initial web app 2 years ago to this command line tool we launch today. We started creating a web app to launch Linux-based Docker containers with a web terminal interface that works on any browser, without plugins, and now we moved the work from the web to the desktop and let developers choose their own tools to work with their code without wasting time installing dependencies. Here's a post Alvaro wrote about making developers' life easier when we have to deal with setups and initial configurations:, and this is a personal story about how I used our CLI to automate the development environment setup for a friend (and literally saved his job!) Happy coding!
@hpneo This is fuckin awesome! Thank you!
I'm going to be mentoring at a college hackathon this weekend where students will be building web apps and also mobile apps powered by some backend. It sounds like this will get them get started pretty fast. Is there a quick setup tutorial I can send to the participants? Also, happy birthday Alvaro!
@emersonmalca Hi Emerson, we are preparing a detailed guide for using both the CLI and the web app. Right now we have a documentation page explaining the steps to install and configure the CLI: We also have a story published by Alvaro where he explains how to use the CLI: If you're interested you can check too the stacks we support in
@emersonmalca I'll be there too! Let's help students use this app to make rapid prototypes 😎
Codepicnic CLI has helped me so much with my developtment enviroment, I didn't have to install anything on my own PC and I shared my code with colleagues so they can try out too, Thanks!
@andrearm We're really happy we've been able to help! <3
The best solution on software development! No instalation needed and I can access to many software enviroments without problems. Even PHP :D