Embed running, full stack code directly in your browser.

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Alessandra Pereyra
CEO of CodePicnic
Hi there! I'm Alvaro Pereyra, one of the founders of @CodePicnic, along with @hpneo. We're really excited to be here and would me more than happy to answer anything about the site and what we've built. And as a special token of our appreciation, we're giving a special offer to all hunters here: enjoy creating unlimited (in the 256mb ram size) consoles for just US$2.99/month. Keep rocking!
Juan Lopez SalaberryFounder @
Part of the @500Startups family, @Yaraher can help out with any questions you may have!
Gustavo Leon
Software Engineer. X-CTO @ CodePicnic
CodePicnic is an online platform to create full stack code containers, where you can run code through your browser, being able to share and embed them in your blog or website. We support Node.js, Ruby, PHP, Python and C#. We've created CodePicnic because we think there would be a better way to show how real code works. People use our platform to embed examples for their tutorials, make demos for their API's documentation or train other developers.