Codepad 2.0

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Tell us about the updates?
@bentossell Do you mean from previous Codepad version? If yes, there are some new features: Creating collections Keep versioning of snippets Hire feature and contact web developers Search and follow developers Suggestions based on your preferences Changed the core of website and fixed many bugs, now we use the Laravel Rating of popular snippets Web developers rating and more...
What are the main differences between this and Codepen? I love using Codepen, but sometimes I find the UX a little strange so I'm open to other tools.
@keithbarney Codepad is place for web developers, not only front-end. Also here you keep your code versioning + organise your collections, and, the popular snippets depends of user activity not from website admins. And, it's fully free.
@andrew_laurentiu @keithbarney But it cannot run to show result of code? :P
@quocvuongdn @keithbarney Yes, because it's only for snippets, not visualisation.
I have been looking for something simple to do this kind of thing with. Looks like I found it!! Can't wait to start using it.
Very nice. But the first note I saw was this