Automation and collaboration tool for hard-working designers

Many graphic designers spend 20-30% of their working time doing unproductive work irrelevant to their creativity. Codenberg offers them the chance to reclaim their productive time by eliminating laborious jobs such as text correction and data submission.

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Hello hunters! Let me introduce you our new service (still under development) Codenberg. It is a productivity tool for print designers. During my day-to-day work as a designer, I was stressed by the complications of work involved in corrections and finalizing, preflighting artwork. In the case of web design, in addition to CMS like Wordpress, some tools allow us to collaborate with other designers or clients. On the other hand, in the print design, we can not avoid workflow which is left behind from the times that all the correction work or document checking are intensively left to the designer. I wanted to manage this situation and decided to develop a new service based on "" which is an IT infrastructure for the automation and customization of printing we previously developed. Codenberg is an online tool that significantly reduces the work time of the print designer and focuses on more creative work. It is still under development so you can not use it right away, but please let us know your opinion.