Codename One

Build native mobile apps in Java (Cross Platform)

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Build by @CFishbein, @shannah78 & @ilankasan, Codename One let you build a mobile app once for all platforms. This is what PhoneGap tried to do for mobile development few years ago. Java's leading principle of 'write once run anywhere' is even more powerful for native mobile development.
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I think I've seen a similar product somewhere that enables you to develop mobile apps, only in C#. I guess Codename One has a big advantage over the other guys since they allow you to do it in a more popular language - Java.
@rafizkv @dglbr Thanks! That C# product is called Xamarin. Its designed for writing the code in C# but you need to build separate UI and platform specific code bases. Codename One is more about WORA where almost all the code is common but you can write native code if you need (e.g. in Objective-C or directly to Dalvik/ART on Android).
@rafizkv @dglbr true. If you are a Java developer this is the platform for you. Moreover, you don't need a Mac, to write your iOS code.
@dglbr Thanks, phonegap creates HTML5 apps, CodenameOne is for the Java community
I discovered Codename One in 2012 (shortly after it was launched) searching for a way to build iOS apps in Java. I had experimented with a lot of other tools that almost got me where I wanted to go, but Codename One hit the mark exactly. I was a long-time Swing programmer, so the API felt familiar. Disclaimer: I now work for Codename One, and spend my days working on improving the platform.
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