Learn to code. Eat Bananas. Save the World.

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@staringispolite wins the award for best tagline of the day.
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@rrhoover Actually the accurate, original tagline is even better IMHO: Learn to code. _Catch_ Bananas. Save the World. Oh, well :)
@rrhoover totally! #slowcap
@schor_j Ha! Yeah, sorry about that Jonathan :) "Learn TO code" seemed like an improvement. For "eat", I remembered it wrong. Caught the typo, but when I played, it always felt like they were eating them, so I kept it. Seems more fun somehow to help the monkeys eat too
@rrhoover I thought your tagline for Help was pretty good - I lawled :) "Bored? Have a blister? Sexually frustrated? This might help."
Look @IdoSchor, we made front page! :D
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This is excellent - will feature it on Bento. I've been meaning to find more resources geared for younger audiences.