Continuous integration and delivery for Flutter apps

Codemagic is the first CI/CD tool exclusively for Flutter apps, engineered by Flutter fans and launched on Flutter Live.

Codemagic enables users to build Flutter apps hosted on GitHub with minimum effort and maximum speed thanks to preconfigured defaults. For the time being, Codemagic is available to everyone at no cost.

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13 Reviews5.0/5
* 📱 Flutter * 🛰 Github Integration * 🏖 Low maintenance * ⛑ Community support * 💰💰💰 FREE * 🚀Team support => Announced soon!
Thanks @chrismessina for the hunt! We were extremely excited about bringing our brand new Codemagic to the ProductHunt crowd 🤩 Flutter is already changing the way how mobile apps are being developed, so we wanted to make sure that once you have your app ready, bringing it to your end-users in AppStore and GooglePlay with Codemagic feels like a gentle breeze 🙂 When we started building it, our main guideline was that it needs to be simple and easy to understand so that even people with no deep technical knowledge are able to set up the whole build-test-publish pipeline. We put a lot of effort into the intuitive UI/UX to make the flow in Codemagic fluent and seamless. Although, today we support only hobby users, our team is already working on a wide range of features to support teams and integrations with Bitbucket and Gitlab and with other tools. Definitely join our Slack channel and tune yourself into the latest updates. We invite everybody with Flutter apps to build-test-publish with Codemagic and give your feedback. We want this to be the product built by the Flutter community to make sure that it is the best CI/CD pipeline ever made 🚀

Codemagic is dead simple to setup and appears to be totally free. It is missing a lot of key CI/CD features but it is still early days and its clear that the team is responsive and working to flesh out the product. I am using it for a community project (lukepighetti/flutter-developers) and it is working quite nicely. Can't wait for it to mature, though!


simple, cheap


no monorepos, no PR testing, no branch triggers, no screenshots, no publishing artifacts to GitHub Releases, no restart from publish step

This looks awesome, I'm waiting for bitbucket support but will def. take a look when that is ready :-)
@bjornbjorn Thank you for your support! We will keep you updated when we publish Bitbucket support! Take care!
@bjornbjorn @marie_jaksman Same. Many startups on private repo accounts on gitlab and bitbucket.
@hakosam Come check Codemagic support with Bitbucket out, it's ready!
Codemagic is simply the magical CI/CD for Flutter apps. I got a CI/CD for my first project within a second. Codemagic magically builds, test and packaged my iOS and Android apps with zero configuration. Seriously, this is a no-brainer for the companies developing Flutter apps.
@shashikant86 Of course it's always great to get positive feedback but feature requests and feedback about what could be better makes us happy as well :)