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A thousand times yes! This is fab. Dammit, I had work to do today as well...
Be really sweet if this was a marketplace too - I'm looking for someone to throw together an alternative to what Automatic have but it works in the U.K.
@marktmcewan Do you mean you want people to sell their projects on codemade?
@glenncameronjr yeah, really hard to find this kind of talent - show n tell is a great platform for discovery, creating a method connecting with the talent would be awesome
@marktmcewan Thanks Mark, I hadn't thought of this idea before. I'll think about it and try to figure out the best way to integrate. I definitely have lots of room to make this site better.
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Neat idea but definitely not as "pretty" as Pinterest. ๐Ÿ˜ Curious why you decided to run with this design model, @glenncameronjr?
@rrhoover Thanks, I am a fan of Pinterest's design and thought it would be a good way to easily save and share maker projects I found interesting. The design model was easy to get up and running quickly. I will be customizing and making it much prettier now that I know others are interested.
Okay, now THIS I can get behind - making me rethink that Pinning culture. @codemadeio @glenncameronjr