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Codeless is a website with learning resources for anyone running an online business who wants to automate common tasks, no-code. You’ll get to know tools like Zapier, Webflow, Airtable and run marketing, sales, billing and other processes on autopilot ✈️
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Hey! 👋 My name's Greg and for the past months, I've been automating various parts of online businesses I run. Inspired by @levelsio (Nomadlist, with over 1000 bots) and @bentossell, I've been learning different tools and applied automations to marketing, customer service, billing, etc. The results are spectacular 😲 I've completely automated most of the common tasks: billing, surveys, marketing, webinars. Different projects of mine now aggregate over 200.000 customers with only 3 people on board... and hundreds of robots 🤖 The no-code, lego tools, and APIs are exploding right now. They are a huge time and money saver. But I found it difficult to learn and apply them to my specific use-cases. Once I discovered the potential in tools like Zapier, Airtable, Coda... I was left clueless on WHAT and HOW to automate 🤷‍♂️ There is plenty of tutorials on how to connect X with Y, or how to make a "clone" of Z, no-code. But that's not what you need! I wanted some basics of how everything works and then detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to apply it to my business. And I found nothing like that. That is why I decided to create a complete and to-the-point resource that would save me tons of research and give practical tips when I first started learning automation. Plus, I'll update it regularly with real-life examples that work for my business. Your feedback is highly appreciated 🙌 PS: Maybe you struggle with some repetitive tasks? Something you do over and over but not sure how to automate it? Let me know in the comments. I'll try to create those automations for you! 🤖 💸 Launch Promo 💸 Although you can watch some lessons completely free, there's a subscription model that will prompt you after some time. For the launch only, I've created special promotion. You can lock in the annual plan 44% OFF + get one-to-one automation consultation. Click on the website link on Product Hunt to see how to redeem. The promo is valid for a few days after the launch only! Thanks!
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@levelsio @bentossell @learnuxio Codeless is the way to go - now developers can focus on meta-development and users can focus on stitching workflows/tools together. Though, I would love to know how did you scale your efforts with API marketing - Is there a resource you could route me to?
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@prateek_gupta8 way to go! Sure I've got something bookmarked but can you please elaborate on what you want to accomplish? There's a lot that can be done to marketing automation and tools such as Mailchimp, ConvertKit, GetResponse or Intercom... possibilities are endless 🤖
@learnuxio There are 2 keys problems that I am focussing on these days for our product: 1. Finding relevant people - target users i.e. growth marketers who run discount based marketing campaigns 2. Distributing content to them API marketing/Bot marketing - I came across this as a buzzword, but looks like the hype is real and would love to understand the pipelines and flows involved - to get relevant users excited about our product(
Cool! it is awesome feature to make no-code automation repetitive tasks with no-code concept.
@eugenelorenc Thank you! 🙌
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congrats Greg! Looks great, humans shouldn't have to do robot tasks
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@graeme_fulton Thank you 🖤So true!
What automation you'd like to see on Codeless next?
Dashboard with all your social media activity and trends
Collect all of your monthly invoices and put in the expense sheet / send to accounting
NPS surveys with follow ups to users and dashboard with trends
Downtime alerts for your websites and SaaS you use
Competition tracking bot collecting newsletters, ads, etc. in one Dashboard
Team email digest with essential info on the task and time spent on projects
Something else? Write in the comment!
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@learnuxio an automated open stats page. Something I've been looking for.
Great job Greg! It will come in handy ❤️
@matsugfx Thanks Matt! Hope you'll find it useful! 😻