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Thanks everyone! I really appreciate your support.
@bdkjones Bryan, are you on one man operation? This seems very awesome, downloading the trial.
@raj_ventures Yep; it's just me. I hire @agenericguy for the design of the app and website. But I'm the sole developer.
Their team did a fantastic job with the site. The humor in the testimonials is a nice touch.
@Moore Yeah. I love the humor!
"CodeKit compiles Less, Sass, Stylus, Jade, Haml, Slim, CoffeeScript, Javascript, TypeScript, Markdown and Compass files automatically each time you save. Save a file and CodeKit automatically refreshes any browser: Watch your changes happen in real-time and see your website across devices without ever hitting command+R again. Automatically browse, download and install over 6,000 components with a single click."
@erictwillis Also, love the 'Take these folks' word for it' section haha!
@raj_ventures I loved that section too haha!
@bdkjones What are your thoughts on CodeKit for noobs learning to code? Helpful?
@mattellsworth I hope so. Lets you skip all the command line installations and configuration and get straight to learning the languages you're interested in: Sass, Less, Jade, etc. Eliminates pain points.
@bdkjones @mattellsworth I might have to buy a mac just to use your app. I mean I like WebStorm and all but this just looks like it's on a whole other level... Great job Bryan.
@bdkjones Thanks for jumping in. I knew the community would love this. I'm actually considering purchasing a copy.
@sleinadsanoj @mattellsworth Thanks! Just keep in mind that it's not an IDE; it's a companion to your IDE of choice. CodeKit runs in the background and does stuff as you work in an editor.
@erictwillis Send me an email and we'll get you set up.
I love Codekit *so* much. I'm a designer first, and this makes coding so much easier. Compiling code and refreshing the browser window without having to mess with the command line. Sounds minor, but when I'm, say, tweaking some color variables in .Less files, it's so much faster. Really simplifies my design process.
@studiofellow Thanks! That's exactly who it's meant for.