Create and share images of your source code

#4 Product of the DayJuly 30, 2019
Create and share beautiful images of your source code
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What is the difference between and your product?
@proksh_luthra1 For now not so big difference except: - better UX - Mobile friendly - HTML Preview - Predefined Social Templates - Mote adjustable There will be more features, as you can see in the ToDo list.
@igor_duspara1 loved the design of the product. Feel much better that carbon. All the best 🥳
Hello Hunters! You all know or saw those code screenshots on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter?! Now you can create it too, being inspired by carbon I thought there is more potential for this tool. I want this tool to be packed with a lot more features. It would be nice if you can have a place where all the images are stored and have also a statistic for them. For now, we are in a Beta phase and not all features are implemented, but we wanted to give the public a sneak peek so we can get some feedback and see what we can improve. Please be aware this is still in development and not all features are working or published. We have also a ToDo page where you can see all the features that are on the list or in progress. Can't wait to get feedback from you guys. Best Regards, Igor Duspara
Happy shipday👏 I've just got a beautiful screenshot that's ready to share. Easy! Would be great to have an option to increase size of the font to post a small pieces of code in twitter for example
@ksenia_svechnikova Hi, we just released a new version where you can change the Font size. Please let us know if you miss some other features.
I just made an image for Twitter. I bookmarked the site, going to use it in the future for sure! Those templates are awesome!
@jankees_van_woezik thank you, the templates are really useful if you don’t know the sizes for each social platform.
Hey there! I like the UI of this a lot! Some feedback from while I was trying it out: There seems to be not be GraphQL syntax highlighting despite it being an option.
@makennasmutz thank you for the feedback, i will add a Feature ticket that will fix that.