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This is fantastic @efexen. Have you considered adding 'exercises' in the future, perhaps for languages folks want to learn. So they can take small stabs at the language like a 'learning goal'?
@sarthakgrover Hey Sarthak, thanks for your kind comments and for taking the time to send feedback. Haven't considered exercises yet specifically but will add them to my list of potential things to do in the future. I have for a while been thinking of challenge weeks where one could say start a week/month long challenge to learn basics of x and be able to collaborate and share resources with others doing the same challenge.
Exciting to be here! I started CodeHalf to help myself write code every day so I can actually ship some side projects and so I can learn new stuff more effectively and really hope it can help you do the same. I wrote a post on Medium explaining more about my experiences of writing code every day and some of the ideas behind CodeHalf: https://medium.com/@efexen/write... I'd love to hear any comments you have both good and bad!
@efexen This looks very interesting! I signed up via email, mostly out of habit, but I'm curious about the future of the Github integration. Right now, looks like it's just for authentication - but I wonder whether you've considered more possibilities of connecting the two?
@daviddlacroix Hey David, thank you so much for your feedback and for signing up! You're quite right at the moment Github is only used for authentication, I do have some plans for further Github integration in the future and as part of this work I will be adding the ability to associate these to your account. Thanks again and hope you enjoy the project.
A simple tracker to help you establish and keep up a habit of writing code and learning every day.
@erictwillis Thanks for submitting this here and hope you're enjoying using it
Just what I was looking for πŸ‘πŸ½
@asmiler Thanks! Hope you like it!
As someone who is trying to learn code, this is a great tool. But I would hope that this also could come as an mobile app, since that would make it easier to quickly view your progress, enter notes and so on.
@mikkel_ulstrup Hey Mikkel, so glad to hear that and I really hope it will help you with your learning. I've got better mobile experience on my long term todo list but haven't put it as highest priority as I think most of the time the learning still happens on a desktop/laptop browser. I'll bump it up the list following your request though πŸ‘ Thank you for taking the time to give feedback and I wish you best of luck with your journey of learning
@efexen no probs! I'm looking forward to see where this project goes in the future! πŸ‘