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Find highly qualified passive engineering job candidates

CodeFund Jobs is a job board with a unique value proposition of connecting companies with both active and passive candidates. We utilize our existing publisher network to show open positions to highly qualified passive candidates... visiting sites related to the skills you're looking to find.

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Hi all! I'm one of the founders of CodeFund, which is an ethical advertising platform. Our mission is to fund the growth of the open source economy by funding software makers of all types: maintainers, bloggers, and builders. We do this through unobtrusive non-tracking ethical ads. You may have seen our ads on websites such as or We give back up to 65% of all ad revenue to the participating open source projects. To date, we've paid out over $80,000 for developers all over the world. We believe that we can take the same idea and appy it to the job market. As developers ourselves, we recognize that the most sought after engineers are likely already happily employed. However, appox 90% of them are open to better opportunities if presented. We want to give companies a way to get their jobs in front of engineers that are utilizing or contributing to open source projects. Best of all, we want the money that is typically spent on recruiters and job boards to be shared with open source. Thanks for checking it out! Eric

Awesome job with the launch!


Ethical jobs, focus on specific type of developer you want to reach


Small number of postings at the moment, but it's just launched so i guess it's not terrible

What's not to like?


CodeFund is a win-win-win proposition. It helps hiring managers target passive applicants OSS maintainers funds, and devs: a better job.


Very little in that space that offers such relevant ads without any tracking.