Revenue sockets for content publishers

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Hey Hunters! There's so much awesome content out there- we need to keep it free, clean and valuable. Enter CodeFuel! CodeFuel helps content publishers earn extra income by opening revenue sockets all over their online real estate. By integrating a simple line of code- publishers can deliver a native ad experience featuring targeted content in multiple formats to keep users engaged and on-site for longer. We even have a UX orientated back-end to fine-tune performance. We're super excited to be part of Product Hunt and are ready for your thoughts, chat, love, questions... fire away! Cheers,
@asafhartuv can you please elaborate more about the native ad experience ?
@gal_rotem The native ad experience actually drills down to the user's intent. The solution delivers ads only after the user has intentionally and proactively shows interest to learn more. The native ad experience on the publisher's side is the ability to increase engagement of their users because the native ad units integrates with the publisher's site format, look and feel.
@asafhartuv Thank you so much for the shout out here. I send a note to your contact page. My p v in less than 1 M hope I am eligible to join in! Fingers crossed!!! Good Wishes. @PVAriel
What level of publishers will be invited to use CodeFuel? Bloggers or only major sites with x amount of monthly page views?
@growmap Hi Gail, excellent question. The CodeFuel solution can be utilized on sites with monthly page views as low as 1 (one) million. And the sky is the limit from there.
@asafhartuv From the average blogger point of view, 1 million monthly impressions is quite a lot to achieve... Will CodeFuel be thinking about a solution for smaller sites?
Hi @asafhartuv, what a joy to hear about CodeFuel, An entirely different platform where we can do share and gain so many things at one go! This is indeed amazing! Thanks for sharing. ~Philip
This looks great! I know that publishers are looking to get a bit more control and understanding regarding the advertisements they serve and how users are interacting with them. It seems with traditional platforms you kind of have to accept what you are given and hope it sticks, but of course this isn't a good way to do business. It's easier to improve your metrics with the audience you already have then try to make it up in volume in most cases. I do not have near the number of page views to take advantage of a service like this, but I'll be interested in watching CodeFuel grow in the coming years!
Thanks for the feedback @helpstartmysite ! You can always keep in touch with us via the contact page on our site, or head to the CodeFuel blog and soak up some info.
Awesome product CodeFuel. Its increased user engagement and also increase revenue by monetizing our content. I like that way this product working. very cool way to monetize your content.