Airbnb clone. Written with not one line of code

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Interesting.... making a clone of a site without writing code. Obviously this is all to promote Code-Free Startup but quite a cool way to do it
@bentossell I am all for code-free stuff cos I suck at code (tried to learn coding, forgot the basics in a week) Let's see how far this will go :D
@bentossell Thanks Ben! I wasn't sure about releasing this into the wild (mostly because I don't want to get sued πŸ™) but I tried to make it clear that it's for demonstration purposes only. The question I get asked most often is "How far can I actually get without code?" Most draw the line after seeing Wix/Squaresquare sites that look nice. With tools like Bubble, Webflow, and Weld, there is a bit more of a learning curve, but you can actually make dynamic websites that either hook into Zapier or in Bubble's case, built into an integrated database. I want people to be able to see a working web app built completely without code, so that's what Codefreebnb is! Happy to hang and answer any questions about how I built it.
@brentsum How did you build it?
@andrewett good question! When building in WYSIWYG tools like Bubble, it turns the normal development process on its head a bit. Instead of object-oriented programming, I started out by defining some of the major pages and functionality the site needed to have (a bit easier when cloning an existing app). In Bubble, you can drag and drop elements like images, input boxes, and date fields onto the page, and then define their relationships to the database. So I did that for a while before a basic structure for the app emerged. Then I went back to the database and reorganized some of the fields so everything made sense. Then a lot of testing to make sure the design is responsive (enough), the buttons do what you need them to do, and users are able to do what they want to do. πŸ˜„
@andrewett one thing that made me fall in love with this development process (by default, since I'm a terrible programmer) is how quickly you can see features come to life. Hat tip to @callmevlad for showing me this video, which should be required viewing for anyone that wants to build without code.
Awesome idea!
Very impressive! I'm always interesting in ideas like these, where you connect together a bunch of services to build something.
This is really cool. I did something similar a while back. Check it out:
Awesome idea :)