is a simple to use, automated Code Review service built by developers for developers. Check your repositories on GitHub and BitBucket and deploy with confidence.

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Looks Interesting! What does this offer over existing platforms? i.e. Travis
@adam_kelly , let me clarify how exactly participates in software development process. is automated Code Review tool and Travis-ci is continuous integration tool. Travis-ci builds and deploys code. automates Code Reviews and provides actionable feedback allowing developers to address issues before the build is triggered by CI tools. Write code -> Commit to GitHub -> Automated Code Review ( -> Build is Mergeable ( -> Build (CI) -> Test (CI) -> Release (CI) Shout to @devlead for effectively doing that on his Open Source project Cake-Build @adam_kelly - thanks for endorsement and for a great question.
@kaskas @devlead Ah! Sort of like an automated QA?
@adam_kelly QA for code quality! Automated Code Review. Ensuring that code is adequate quality and gets into a deployable state fast.
@adam_kelly is BitBucket supported?
@andreioprisan We have launched with GitHub support only. BitBucket is not supported at this time. Integration with BitBucket is on the roadmap. We will prioritize based on demand.
Pretty and efficient. As I always say, when it comes to code, having a robot lifeguard called around never hurts! @adroiti @kaskas
@elizabethhunker thanks endorsing robot lifeguard for Code Quality :) . It just makes sense to automate Code Review, make the process more efficient and fun, resulting in a better code base. Plus its SAAS, so setup takes only seconds for developers on GitHub.
Looks fantastic!!!
@einarasg we are very exited to help software developers save time doing code reviews, efficiently tackle technical debt and just become great coders. That empowers companies to build great products inside out.
Will there be support for Swift in the feature?
@matthijs_soest currently supports C# , JAVA , RUBY , JS , CSS. Objective C, Swift and Android are in works. I can invite you to private beta if you would like early access.
@kaskas That'd be great! Can you contact me on Twitter about this? (Same username)
@matthijs_soest CodeFactor has released support for 3 additional languages. Full list: C++, PYTHON, GO.
How about Gitlab?
@hadifarnoud we launched with GitHub, because it was the largest web-based git repository hosting service for Open Source and Private repositories. Integration with GitLab is currently under consideration. We will prioritize based on demand.