Learn web development with drag-n-drop HTML/CSS blocks

CodeDragon is the first ever drag-n-drop HTML and CSS editor that uses blocks labelled with real syntax. It's designed to help anyone learn (or teach!) web development better than any other tool out there - that's why we made it free and partially open source!
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Honestly, I think we are complicating things. HTML and CSS are already visual languages, and pretty straight forward. Yeah, there are a few caveats here and there but project based lessons I believe would be more effective. Regardless, it never hurts to have another tool to learn.
@tostartafire Thanks for your comment! I agree that maybe for some people learning HTML and CSS is quite an easy process and a tool like CodeDragon would just cause them unnecessary complication. Our service is mainly targeted at visual learners as @gregw mentioned, and also at children who may learn better with a block-based visualisation. Our tutorials in the future will also include website projects that learners can work through.
Do you think CodeDragon is better for learning web development than traditional services?
@pal_kerecsenyi it's perfect for newbies who are visual learners. A great launch pad into traditional code learning
Can the website store variables though?
@reversatile No, storing variables in CodeDragon isn't supported because we try to reflect real HTML and CSS closely. The concept of variables doesn't really exist in HTML. It does exist in CSS, but this is quite complicated for children to understand and in a single-file project doesn't make a huge difference.