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Akhil Ramesh
@akkhil7 · Co-Founder of SpaceBack
We strive to maintain a curated list of source codes of working web apps and mobile apps. Please let us know what you think about it. Also, we're open to suggestions to improve the experience.
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Haichen Wang
Err... https://flippa.com/6871779-coded... I think this is more of a self promotional ad than a hunt.
Edvins Antonovs
@edvins_antonovs · Software Developer
Oh well.. So this is directory with links to website and github repository?
@khaliphj · Founder www.hiresquid.com
So is this similar to downloading an HTML5 website template and adjust the code to fit your project?
Veer Obhan
@turboxide_ · High School Computer Science Student
Love the name and logo!
Silviu St
@silviust7 · iOS Developer
Best name ever!! 😍