Learn programming by looking at real code examples

Err... I think this is more of a self promotional ad than a hunt.
@haichenw damnnnnndammitttttt back at it again with the flip the site
@haichenw My dear friend, In all honesty, I didn't mean to make this a self promotional ad - I wanted to sell the site because of urgent financial requirements. And flipping is what I do. Whatever you may think of the site or me doesn't matter as long as I'm helping others with this app. Try to appreciate the good things too :)
@akkhil7 Sorry but that doesn't really match up. You needed the money, and just so happened to hunt your own site which you're also trying to flip? Whilst posting comments on the flippa about Product Hunt upvotes...
@haichenw I don't understand what you're trying to prove here. I never knew that it'd get such a big recognition. Anyhow, if it gets sold then great otherwise I'll cut losses. So either ways, I am fine. Also, I don't understand why hunting a site which I want to sell is such a huge problem. It's an app that deserves to be known. And I don't think I'll ever be able to please you with my answers.
Oh well.. So this is directory with links to website and github repository?
@edvinsantonovs Yes, we just started. We are planning to implement code annotations. I am not too sure about displaying the github repos and contents from within our app as it could violate their TOC - not too sure about it. There could be a comments section where users could ask questions and the algorithms or some parts of the code could be explained by other members. More like a community. I'd really like to hear everyone's opinion regarding improvements.
So is this similar to downloading an HTML5 website template and adjust the code to fit your project?
@khaliphj Or you can read other code and learn from it a lot and see how certain features are implemented and weigh it against your own methods. GitHub is actually open source - our aim is to maintain a good list of apps and certain snippets.
Love the name and logo!
@turboxide_ Thanks a lot!
Best name ever!! 😍
@silviust7 Thank you, please let me know if you need more iOS/ReactNative content added or have any suggestions.