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We launched Learn the Command Line after a ton of our users told us they had no idea how to use a fundamental part of their computer -- the command line. With our course, you can learn interactively and, within hours, be a master of your computer! Let us know what you think (and thanks to the awesome team at Codecademy that worked on this!).
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@zsims Everyone needs to learn to use the command line. It's super powerful and a lot of the time, quicker than your mouse. This is an awesome addition. PS. Are you ever going to add Vim/Vi or Emacs? I think that is a pretty logical progression from here. :)
Brilliant. (Be warned: do anything with the command line in front of non-technical people & you'll be their tech help speed dial forevah. I suggest you learn in stealth mode.)
For as many lessons there are for languages and frameworks I've always been surprised by the lack of basic command line lessons available online. Thank you @zsims & @codecademy for the solid primer!
Finally! I learned HTML/CSS on a windows, and finally got a mac and need to unlock the powers of the built-in ruby that Macs offer. This should be really helpful.
This is huge. I've always used crap hosting cause I'm not command line savvy. Maybe from here you can expand into more opps stuff? Setting up a simple server, installing packages? All stuff I know I should know how to do but avoid because they're CL based.