Codecademy's Learn Rails

Codecademy's new learning interface now teaches you Rails

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I'm Zach, the cofounder of Codecademy. A lot of great people that worked on Learn Rails are here to answer your questions too. We shipped an entirely new learning interface for this course to make it even easier to learn the skills you need to find jobs.
@zsims great job on the new UI. Not having to leave the browser to deal with a local server environment is a big step in getting non-coders to dip their toes in the water :)
+1000 for Codecademy in general. Helped me learn to code and start my own product after just a few weeks of their HTML/CSS/JS/Ruby. It had been a few years since I completed all of their other courses and this Rails track couldn't have come at a better time. Sworkit wouldn't exist without Codecademy,