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Learn one of the most powerful languages in the world! πŸ‘Ύ

C++ is a programming language created by Bjarne Stroustrup and his team at Bell Labs in 1979. Forty years later, millions of programmers now use C++ every day. Its speed and portability have made it the language of choice for mission-critical applications of all kinds.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Learn C++ course!

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Hello fellow makers and hunters πŸ‘, Sonny from Codecademy here! Over the last year, we've conducted numerous surveys where we asked our learners for languages/frameworks that they'd love to see in our catalog; C++ has consistently been the number one on the list. And so we started to build one! Let me know what you think. πŸŽ„
@sonnynomnom Why C++? I learnt this back when I did my comp sci degree in the early 00's, but haven't really seen it out in the wild. I assume there's a trending popularity?
@sonnynomnom @rossdcurrie Codeacademy do lots of different languages and frameworks. It just so happens that the user base asked for C++ heavily (as outlined in his post). However, If your question is why did they ask for this, well as a current CS student I'd argue that there's little good teaching of C/C++ these days. It mostly focusses on a 'get things out the door' approach using higher languages like Java and to a bigger extent Python to learn abstract principles rather than core some of the core SE skills that C++ forces onto you (memory, being an example). Codeacademy have been a great source for beginners, so I'd guess lots of students wanted a place they could trust to learn a language as 'complex' as C++
@sonnynomnom @jarvvski Yeah I think you summed up a lot of what I was thinking, Adam. Like, I understand that there's an argument to be made that computer scientists need to understand the underlying mechanics of programming, but for your average joe taking an online coding bootcamp... I'm curious why the demand exists.
@jarvvski @rossdcurrie Great question! And a great answer, too! There is actually a good portion of our learners who are interested in game dev, VR, hardware/robotics (or even just to pick up an Arduino to tinker around with) and C++ is still very much dominating in these areas as well as quite a few others. There is also a high demand for a lower-level language in our course catalog because a lot of programmers are looking to build a stronger foundation and also to better understand how the computer works!
Wow, very ambitious project. I look forward to trying it out. :)
@estebanrules Let us know what you think!